The service for an Oil Platform Leak Bulletin over the Black sea is now open.

It is based on the MEDSLIK and MEDSLIK II oil spill models.

1) What is the Bulletin?
The EMODNET Oil Platform Leak Bulletin is an impact bulletin that determine the likely trajectory of the slick and the statistical likelihood that sensitive coastal habitats or species or tourist beaches will be affected.

2) How can I request for  the EMODNET Platform Leak Bulletin.
Please complete the REQUEST FORM alerting and informing about a leak in the Black Sea.
Only one request is included in the contract, request activated by DG MARE. Cost charge may apply to others.

3) When will the results be available?
A first bulletin will be issued within 24 hours from contractual request (depending on working week days), and a second bulletin within 72 hours. Each bulletin will indicate what information can be provided within 24 hours and what information after 72 hours.

All bulletins are sent by e-mail to the contact identified in request form.

For any problem email to ORION :