The expert panel is a group of independent experts who will assist the Commission in monitoring the present projects.

The Panel includes experts from Black Sea Commission, Academia, Public authority and offshore energy industry as follows:

  1. Ms. Iryna Makarenko – representative of the Black Sea Commission
  2. Mrs. Dorieta Angelova – Offshore energy – Petroceltic International plc
  3. Dr. Vanya Grigorova – Marine Environment – Executive Director of the Executive Environment Agency of Bulgaria, National focal point – of European Environment Agency
  4. Prof. DSc Jordan Marinski – Coastal engineering – National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology, Bulgarian Academia of Sciences
  5. Dr. Vangelis Papathanassiou – Marine biology and ecology – Hellenic Centre for Marine Research
  6. Prof. Dr. Bayram Ozturk – Fisheries biology and governance – Turkish Marine Research Foundation
  7. Prof. Dr. Eng. Eugen Rusu – Marine engineering – University of Galati
  8. Dr Sarantis Sofianos – Climate science of the Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea (reserve) – Faculty of Physics, University of Athens
  9. Prof. Dr. Snejana Moncheva- Marine biology and ecology, marine phytoplankton marine phytoplankton biodiversity (reserve) – Institute of oceanology-BAS

The selection of panel members is based on their knowledge on the subjects of the challenges in the Black Sea, their international reputation and experience in participation in international project.