The “wind farm sitting” challenge aims to:

  • determine the suitability of sites for wind farm development in the Black Sea area in particular:
    • on border between Bulgarian and Romanian waters
    • on border between Turkish and Bulgarian waters
    • on border between Turkish and Georgian waters
  • evaluate the fitness for use of upstream data:
    • All aspects should be considered – wind strength, seafloor geology, environmental impact, distance from grid, shipping lanes – even if one of the factors makes this a no-go scenario.
    • The suitability of sites should also determine whether a floating or fixed wind farm would be more appropriate.



The workflow is made of three major activities:

Activity 1: to search for upstream data to meet challenge requirements

  • Air characteristics
  • Marine water characteristics
  • Bathymetry and Sea bed characteristics
  • Biota/biology characteristics
  • Maritime traffic and other human activity spatial distribution 

Activity 2: to build and analyze data base, produce challenge outputs for GIS use

Activity 3: to deliver checkpoint information, and report assessment in results in the Literature Survey and Data Adequacy Reports.


Team involved


Data processing

  • Which input information is looked for, discoverable 

Inputs for this Challenge will come from the existing EMODnet thematic portals, the Copernicus/GMES Service, data sets developed in EU FP7 projects and data sets from network operators.Data sets of relevance are:

  • high resolution meteo analyses from EU FP7 previous projects;
  • high resolution wave analyses from models developed in EU FP7 previous projects and observations;
  • shipping lines from AIS data made available from EMSA;
  • bathymetry (numerical values and maps) from EMODnet Thematic Portal;
  • seafloor geology from EMODnet Thematic Portal;
  • benthic ecosystem structure from EMODnet Thematic Portal;
  • electric grid position from network operators and public bodies;
  • bird migratory patterns (from literature)

Browse Data Source

  • Are data sets accessible ?

The Challenge will provide information on the data availability in a standardized way plus terms of access and use.

  • How appropriate for use are the data ?

The Challenge will provide information on the data appropriateness in standardized way plus descriptive text of strengths and weakness regarding the appropriateness of upstream data used. It will include a rationale for non selection of unused input data.


Targeted products

The Wind Farm Siting Challenge products will include:

  1. A high resolution wind-wave-tides database for the Black Sea area with complementary data for bathymetry, geology, ecosystem and habitats
  2. Assessment of the available database through a detailed statistical analysis
  3. Assessment of the confidence limits of the data sets for the test regions